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Words 4 Pattern app screen #1

Words 4 Pattern Android App

Words4Pattern is a quick app to find words that match a certain pattern.

Just enter the letters you know and '.'(dots) for the ones you don't. Handy while playing word games like Scrabble™, Hangman etc. by helping you discover new words.

Words 4 Pattern app screen #2

Organized results

Words4Pattern has the ability to display Scrabble™ word scores and sort by scores.

It can also sort words found in alphabetical order or reverse.

Words 4 Pattern app screen #3

Quick & configurable

Words4Pattern uses clever and optimized methods to give you quick results.

You can set limits on the number of letters allowed in the search to suit your needs.

Words 4 Pattern app screen #4

Search for words

Look for words starting or ending with certain letters.

E.g. searching for 'P.TT.RN' will yield the word PATTERN and any other word that matches that set of letters.

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